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Sadly, millions of Americans—young and old—are flocking to the socialist banner. The same economic system that has impoverished the most people in the history of the world. Grab this shirt and remind Americans that...Socialism Sucks!
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Our mission is simple - Uphold freedom, defend Patriotism, preserve the American Dream, and protect the foundational principles and values our country was founded on – life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness....for ALL!

What Is the Great American Syndicate?

The Great American Syndicate (GAS) was created by American Snippets and its founders, Dave Brown and Barbara Allen.

It's a collective movement for those who believe in Self Ownership, Freedom, Personal Responsibility, Faith, Capitalism, and The American Dream!

Our values and principals are reflected in the same ideals this great nation was founded on.
  • We are grateful and patriotic Americans
  • We are veterans and active duty military
  • We are police officers and firefighters
  • ​We are mothers and fathers
We built this community for Americans  who are ready to take stand against the far left socialist ideology taking root across America.  

Join our movement of grateful Americans, peers, leaders, entrepreneurs, heroes, and patriots who want to keep America awesome and free.  Click below to claim your FREE Shirt now!
IN STOCK. Qty: 22
Sellout Risk: HIGH
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